Jungle Set to Headline Junction 1 this Summer!

Written by Dom Loomes

The Jungle is calling
Jungle is set to be the most exciting band this summer!

Junction 1 is beyond enthused to announce that Jungle will be headlining our summer season this June in Glasgow! Their new album Loving in Stereo is a fresh avant-funk/ post-punk revival and post-pandemic comeback. Jungle continues to bloom within the locus of music, philosophy, and art, with their appearance in Glasgow on track to sway and surpass many forecasts.

For nearly a decade now, producers Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland have been producing and creating rhythms and rhymes that repeatedly evolve. The duo formed in 2013 after a long history of attending the same school since nine years of age and living next door to one another during their childhood. Today, Jungle have climbed and consistently created strong and iconic dance and euphoric tracks that are almost universally known. Jungle have released three studio albums. The first is their 2014 eponymous collection Jungle, an assortment that was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize the exact same year. Their second was their 2018 For Ever in collaboration with XL Recordings. The final release was their post-pandemic 2021 Loving in Stereo, a beautiful euphonic piece that celebrates the wonders and multiple auras of music, expression, and dance. A quintessentially Jungle album, Loving in Stereo is a bold risk that paid off after the visceral themes of constant pandemic-filled lockdowns; a dynamic disco record with each single paired with a superbly choreographed and aesthetically acute music video. Jungle’s latest release is evidence of assiduous practice and power to the respect of music, and a true testimony to their high ability and willingness to transform and consistently change.

Jungle’s digital outreach has surpassed a billion streams, with two Top 10 albums, and 750,000 in album sales. With the year and success Jungle have just had, the band is foreshadowing their potential to be the nucleus of Junction 1’s post-COVID summer insurgency and the sounds of Glasgow’s most enterprising regeneration project to date. Their album Loving in Stereo is perhaps the group’s most dynamic compilation; with Romeo exhibiting a different musical spin, featuring Sundanese, Paris-born Abbas Hamad. Hamad, A.K.A Bas adds a different musical flavour, with quick-paced rap flows. His collaboration with Jungle solidifies their ascendence within the industry and adds to the consistency and adaption they are rolling with. Their song Keep Moving is a powerful and prolific narrative combined with exceptional choreography and bold aesthetic visuals. Its street and engaging style bursts with energy and avidity to prove that after the long strait of UK lockdowns, Jungle is here to corroborate its charisma and collective will for impact. Their track All of The Time is a nostalgic yet trailblazing triumph, with the backup operatics of Lydia Kitto and Geo Jordan on the electro keys. This release is Jungle at their best.

What is most certain about Jungle is their potential to deliver and the quality of their music videos. As Josh Lloyd Watson explains, for himself and his fellow pacesetter Tom McFarland, the dance moves are left to the professionals, while they provide the sounds. Watson states that this was never a difficult move as “T and I just can’t dance.” Media and Jungle fans have often insisted on their biographical appearances to complement their songs, yet what this decision symbolises however is the band’s curiosity and calling for inclusivity, plurality, and collective unity. A plethora of the group’s videos include BPoC individuals, flowing and flowering symbiotically, and with each individual dancer in complete synchronicity with one another. Although J and T are not seen specifically within their music videos, many diverse human backgrounds are, which represents something powerful within Jungle’s music and within the band as a whole. In a way, Jungle are very much present. Their music is embodied within each individual, and by creating a space for all backgrounds, their worldly ethos and unique message are seen and heard: within the common experiences of us all. There is a similar, universal, and creative way of seeing complete concepts of humanness, trueness, and oneness within others and ourselves. Jungle might have just tuned in to such significance, with their sound acting as the catalyst for realising and reconnecting with alternative ways of seeing similarity and difference, as essentially one phenomenon: the beauty within all.

After a massive sell-out tour in the US, and playing in Portugal, Belgium, New Zealand, and the UK last year, Jungle are returning to the UK for a summer of even louder reverberations. Internationally circled and now back in familiar geography, and having booked shows with Billy Eilish at the AO and O2 arena, Jungle are becoming insurmountable, and one of the most compelling acts Junction 1 has the pleasure of hosting.

When Junction 1 opens up, Jungle will be playing to a crowd of up to 5,000 strong, at the only outdoor venue of its kind and size in Glasgow city, Scotland.

Jungle set to play this summer at Junction 1

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