Coming in Hot This Summer

Written by Dom Loomes

Hot Chip is coming to Glasgow
Photo: Mike Massaro

Hot Chip is coming to Glasgow! At exactly 6:00 pm Friday 3rd of June, the London-based multi-instrumentalist group will play their first appearance in Europe in 2022 and their first appearance in the UK since September last year. With Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard's efficacious and affecting vocals, their indie and dance tracks are expected to create a fresh and groundbreaking landing this summer.

For over two decades, the quintet have been exploring the mysteries of sound and the atypical musical depths of alternative dance, disco, funk, house, and synth-pop. Hot Chip have created an extraordinary and electrifying body of work that continues to reverberate and energise listeners, album after album. They set the bar for some of the most iconic and exuberant dance tracks of the early 21st century. The group have elevated and inspired copious creatives in amalgamating the fusion of indie rock into time-honoured dance paeans. Their 2019 release, A Bath Full of Ecstacy, is a blend of psychedelic loops and rave-enthused rhythms. Its strong palpability showcases that the group still have plenty more to prove. Their summer appearance at Junction 1 will be an unforgettable and significant stage for this realisation.

The ever-inventive ensemble reached new heights with their 2006 Mercury Prize-nominated The Warning, evoking the multidimensional sounds of Talking Heads and the electricity and nostalgia of the Pet Shop Boys. Singles such as ‘Over and Over’, ‘Boy From School’ and ‘Ready For The Floor’ are longstanding and feel-good anthems that epitomise their early era and continue to earn the group a following allowing them to headline major festivals and spearhead profound psychoactive soundscapes.

Their energetic live shows continue to raise numbers and expectations. With their anything-goes compulsion, Hot Chip continues to draw new creative feelings and distinct wordplay to the scene of experimentalism. Their latest single titled ‘Be My Husband’ is an immersive, upbeat, and alternative remix to a Nina Simone classic. Simone’s verbal tones and historic height are energetically shaped and sampled to a degree that the band commemorates the wholeness, love, and beauty in which she so strongly personified. Nearly two decades after Simone’s passing, Hot Chip wonderfully honour and remember her through their unique musical spin. Interestingly, Alexis Tayor has played piano since he was seven years of age, engaging in conventional practice before creating his own sounds and learning by ear. Nina similarly learned at a very young age, learning how to play the piano at the age of three, also by ear. This instrumental synchronicity is an interesting acknowledgment, and perhaps even illustrates Simone’s influence on Taylor and Hot Chip as a whole. Simone's prodigious talent as a musician, and Hot Chip’s ability to complement and combine both Simone’s and their sounds signify their true musical artistry and their potential to adapt, modify and situate themselves within new genres and environments.

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Hot Chip set to perform at Junction 1 this summer!